San Gregorio, CA


San Gregorio, CA


YOLO - the most depressing statement ever if youre not doing anything with your life. 

Koan 331

Reality is the silly putty of the soul.

- ความเหมือนจริงคือการปั้นดินน้ำมันของจิตวิญญาณ


Weeding Invitation (Hochzeitskarten).

Arika Kane - “Substance” (Review Feature)


With 1,000,000 digital downloads sold from her self-entitled debut album, “Arika Kane” released in August of 2010, the spotlight is shining vigorously.

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Arika has reached #2 on Amazon for R&B downloads, and #18 on ITunes for R&B downloads. Kane’s sophomore single, “ 4 the Lovers “ charted in Billboard # 7 Single Sales, # 19 R&B Airplay & # 80 in Billboard Hot 100. Her follow up soulful ballad “ Here With Me “ also charted in Billboard # 4 Single Sales, # 14 R&B Airplay & # 67 in Billboard Hot 100.

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Keeneland race track

“Horse races are a passion of mine. It’s not about the betting. I hate gambling. I’m likely the most risk-averse person on the planet. But you go there, smoke a few cigars, drink some bourbon, tailgate all day, and put $2 on a horse so you can yell something -…

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Cafe Gourmandesis

This post contains excerpts from an interview with Kiran Patel.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I remember the first time I got my own place. My parents dropped me off at my apartment in college and my first thought was “I have my own kitchen now! I can…


Some cute random stuff I snapped during this Golden Week in Fukuoka.

Spring mood ^^


The Glass:Simplicity


The Glass:Simplicity